Turkey’s Most Beautiful Blue Cruise Routes

Royal Istankoy Routes and Bays Bodrum and gocek

It is time to take the gently blowing winds behind us and sail to the blue. Beautiful bays, beaches and hidden routes remind us how precious it is to live in a country surrounded by the sea on all four sides… Would you like to enjoy these summer months with your loved ones, family or friends on blue cruise routes? “Our Sea home, get our sky roof” would sail with Turkey’s most beautiful blue voyage routes bored!

Blue tour guide from Gökova to Bozburun, from Göcek :


Datça bays

Some places are magical for everyone and leave an impression on every visitor. Located at a point where the Aegean and the Mediterranean meet, the secret of Datça Peninsula is its hidden bays surrounded by steep mountains! Kneaded with history; Datça, which comes to life with the most beautiful colors of blue and green, is a paradise for blue voyage. Along with Knidos, where you can visit the ancient city, Kargı Bay, Palamut Bükü, Kurubük, Mesudiye Bükü, Hayıt Bükü, Kızılbük Datça are indispensable for the blue tour route.


Bozburun bays

Bozburun Peninsula is so rich and endless that you can take multiple routes on the peninsula. We wanted to group Bozburun blue tour route suggestions with two alternatives.

For Bozburun blue cruise experience, you can first choose the route that includes the stops of Adatepe Bay, Kuzbükü Bay, Kocabahçe Bay, Dirsekbükü Bay and covers the west of the peninsula.

The second recommendation for the Bozburun blue cruise tour is the route that coincides with the south of the peninsula, covering Korsan Bay, Serçe Harbor, Arap Island, Gebekse Bay!

Hisarönü bays


Hisarönü Bay, which stretches from Datça to Bozburun Peninsula, is always indispensable for blue cruise routes. No matter how different faces and nature you can see on a journey, it is possible to experience this with the Hisarönü route. So, what stops should be on your Hisaronu blue cruise route? Gönlücek Bükü, Bencik Bay, Orhaniye Bay, Kameriye Island, Selimiye Bay are the stopover points of this route.


Gökova bays

Gökova Bay is one of the favorite blue voyage routes of sea lovers, with its sheltered bays covering the Bodrum and Datça peninsulas and its deep blue sea shining through pine-scented forests. You can complete your blue tour route with Çamlı Port, Karacasöğüt, Çanak Bay, Değirmen Bükü, English Port, Okluk Bay and Gökova.


Göcek bays

It is indisputable that it is an inspiring destination romantic enough to make poetry for the non-poet. Göcek bays, which we believe to extend the life of people, are like heaven. As Turkey’s most beloved blue voyage routes in pine forests and tranquil blue waters never leaves you alone. The most popular stops of the Göcek blue tour route are Hamam Bay, Sarsala Bay, Siralbuk, Kille Bay, Pig Island, Tersane Island, Yassica Islands, Gocek Island, Manastir Bay, Göbün.

Most Preferred Blue Cruise Routes

With the Blue Voyages with more than one standard route, you can go wherever you want and you can also set this route yourself. If you want to go east starting from Göcek with your boat, you can reach Fethiye, Ölüdeniz, Kaş, Kalkan, Kekova, Kemer and Antalya. Going west, you can reach Kapıdağ peninsula, Sarıgerme, İztuzu, Dalyan, Aşı Bay, Marmaris, Hisarönü Bay, Bozburun, Datça, Sedir Island, Gökova, Bodrum. Of course, while you visiting the points mentioned on these routes, you will travel around countless deserted coves and tiny islands, taking breaks.

Gocek, Dalyan, Kauonos, Ekincik, Marmaris, Yunan island, Rodos island, Simi island, Marmaris Port, Bedir island, Marmaris

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